Taste the fruit smoke oil-JIAN

Taste the fruit smoke oil-JIAN

Taste experience: open the bottle and smell the rich and rich aroma of thyme fruit with the distinct honey flavor, the two distinct smoke oil flavors blend together!The sweet and smooth honey flavor of the entrance, coupled with the sour and sour thyme fruit as the fundamental key, the cool and refreshing taste with the slightly sour ornament appears particularly comfortable!The interpretation of honey is just right. As the king of fruit, balsam fruit is fully integrated into honey, just like sweet honey water ~ sweet and not greasy!After exhalation, the fruits are mellow and sweet ~ worthy of careful taste!


Open the bottle to smell fresh pineapple fragrance with sour and sour aromas, with just opened fresh pineapple some ratio!The entrance is full of pineapple fragrance filling the throat, smooth and comfortable!Cool and refreshing sense of into the throat with intense aromas of pineapple is sweet and delicious, can be comparable to bite on the pineapple taste but not green, it is sweet and delicious pineapple flavour, continue to smoke also product won't be sweet!On the contrary, it is the fresh feeling of mouth.After exhaling, the fragrance of pineapple filled the air and the sour taste of the mouth was lingering!

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Nicotine Salts E-Liquid

Nicotine Salts E-Liquid
Tongue Slap's Nicotine Salt Juice the perfect choice for vaping enthusiasts who prefer a powerful punch of pizzazz from their designer nicotine salts e-juice selections. If you love a vape that’s both sweet and sour, then these delicious blends are well worth a try. Some of them are fresh and fruity while others are tantalizingly tart, but they all have one thing in common. They tickle the taste buds and make your toes tap with devilish deliciousness that’s purely a Tongue Slap!
Gummy Bear E-Liquid tastes just like those sugary sweet candies that we all know and love so well. It’s unique flavor profile is simply lip-smackingly delicious. For a premium e-juice to satisfy your cravings for something sugary sweet, Gummy Bear E-Liquid is the perfect choice.
Taste the rainbow of those tiny, multi-colored candies that we all know and love so well! Rainbows E-Liquid offers vapers a fresh and fruity inhale that produces sweet-smelling clouds of juicy lemon lime! To satisfy your cravings for something sugary sweet, this premium vape just simply can’t be beat!
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INFZN series salt nicotine smoke oil

INFZN series salt nicotine smoke oil

If the birth of e-cigarettes has changed the fate of millions of smokers around the world, the emergence of salt nicotine smoke oil has further promoted the healthy development of this smoking cessation wave. Unlike traditional nicotine smoke oils, salt nicotine smoke oils have a more comfortable inhalation and detoxification capabilities, and proper use in low-power devices can achieve rapid detoxification and small smoke does not interfere with other people's advantages.

Three tastes from INFZN, owned by Brewell:


The coolness of peppermint is clear with inhalation, and the slight sweetness of the fruit is followed by the aroma of the green apple. The crisp and sour taste of the green apple blends with the cool taste, and a refreshing choice for the smoke in the summer.


Almost consistent with PHIX's honey-melon smoke bomb, the moist honeydew melon lifelikeness, you need to taste to be able to feel its minimal fruit sweetness, with the deployment of coolness, is a good choice of non-sweet and not greasy fresh fruit taste.


The flavor is also the same as PHIX buttered tobacco. The buttery aroma is already clear and direct when inhaled. The baking-style food tobacco flavor and butter flavor are blended with each other. You can also feel the slight nutty smell during use, which is very American style.



DPRO MINI RDA is a drip-oil product designed by single filament. It comes from the MINI version introduced by COILART after DPRO RDA, which USES the 22MM diameter pocket design and side inlet structure .
Atomizer body X1,
replaceable suction nozzle X2, X4 spare seal several,
spare screw, oil at the bottom of the electrode X1,
hexagon wrench X1, organic cotton X1, X1 clapton coil X1,
finished product specification, certificate of X1.
The factory configuration of atomizer is quite complete, can achieve basically buy namely install use.
The 22 mm single drip for partial texture orientation, distribution in the manufacturer factory preset additional two different suction nozzle visible COILART emphasis on "taste", by the lips touch atomizer in use process, different users will prefer different sense of touch, but we often call this the "taste" one of the important elements.
The moderate drag of DPRO RDA is completely different from that of DPRO. Even when the inlet is fully open, the drag of DPRO MINI is obvious.Tie-in original clapton coils, air intake open cooling and absorption resistance performance for the best, when inlet close to four holes and the following, need to change the data of coil heat dissipation ability to meet its decline.Based on the original clapton coil, the DPRO MINI has a concentrated smoke experience and a good taste.
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Fireluke Mesh Skynet atomizer

Fireluke Mesh simpler acrylic box used in the packaging can clearly see the shape of the Skynet atomizer from the transparent box. At present, there are three colors to choose from, silver, gold and black. 
List of goods: Skynet atomizer (containing 0.15 ohm core), spare 0.15 ohm product atomization core, auxiliary oil tank, spare rubber ring,
Net atomizer design style uses a unique knurled design, size 24MM*46.5MM, made of 316 stainless steel! In addition to the appearance of the entire atomizer outside the atomization core is also made by knurling process, the overall appearance of the inside and outside as a whole! A small part of the drip nozzle uses a gold-plated design!

Skynet atomizer has a relatively large volume. Before use, it must be fully moistened with cotton. It is best to stop it for 15-20 minutes after injecting the smoke oil to make the cotton fully wet. When using it, it is recommended to use 65-75W. The best taste! The rich texture of the taste, do not look at it is the 810 caliber out of the taste is indeed very full of rich, the amount of smoke is also very amazing! 3ML's fuel consumption is also quite fast!

CuttWood e-juice

CuttWood e-juice  is a premium brand of cigarette oil from California, USA. Founded in 2014, CuttWood has passed the US FDA certification and is widely sold in the United States and Europe through extensive research, development, innovation and rigorous testing. And further explore Asia, South America, the Middle East and other markets. Hand-made with glass bottle packaging, using the best local raw materials and spices, is committed to become a truly global brand of tobacco oil industry.
BOSS RESERVE:The open bottle does not smell like a strong pungent odor. Dropping in the mouth of the tiger can clearly smell the taste of biscuits, nuts, honey and milk.
UNICORN MILK: The smell of strawberry and milk in the open bottle smells a little sour, and the flavor is soft and pungent. The drops of light in the palm of your hand smell like strawberry smoothies.


Punisher 90W kit

Punisher 90W kit supports three modes of voltage regulation, temperature control and bypass pass-through. The voltage regulation mode supports 0.08~3.5 ohms in resistance range and 0.08~3.0 ohms in temperature control.
The standard 510 interface can be adapted to most nebulizers and the battery charge current is 1.5 amps.

The package includes the main box, flat charging line, finished net core atomizer, spare atomized core, glass compartment, manual and product certification.
E-cigarettes seem to be very popular nowadays. They are compatible with the 21700 battery host and net nebulizer. This package is all included.

One of the highlights of this machine is that it is compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries, which can further increase the life and capacity of a single box.
The battery sleeve has a small detail with a small groove at the top that can be easily removed by hand when the battery is removed.

Advken Manta MTL RTA

Manta MTL RTA box body was taken out in the form of a cover of heaven and earth, and the outer box of devil fish and the name of the product was printed with a reflective plastic paint, which was rather quality. Contents: body, twin-filament, cotton, Kosan Card, wiper, spare O-Rings, and screwdriver.
The atomizer can be decomposed into: 510 suction nozzle, top cover, upper cover, atomization bin, 2ml glass bin and 3ml fat bin each, and the intake adjusting ring and the silk mounting base (forgot to be removed).

The first bright spot must be the eye-catching PEI suction nozzle, and the black bottom with the white Manta MTL. The contrast color is hard to notice. There are six sets of trapezoidal patterns on the outer circumference of the top cover. It is not difficult for the top cover to be slightly thin and screwed, whether it is tightened or opened.
Compared with the top cover, the uncovered upper cover and the atomization bin are difficult to turn over. It is recommended that a hard tool such as a clip or scissors be stuck on the oil injection hole to apply force. The atomized bins are filled with flying devil fish, and there are many openings underneath the decorative nature. When combined with the base, the color of the full gold-plated base will be revealed.
The diameter of the atomizing bin is 16mm, and the height of the top is 10mm. It is still moderate. The top part has two sections to gather, which can further concentrate the flue gas and assist the condensation backflow.
The characteristics of Advken Manta MTL RTA are as follows:
. The suction resistance ranges from 1 to 11 from high to low, and falls within the range of 3 to 5 levels.
. Resolve is concentrated to balanced style.
. The appearance of the nozzle and the atomizer is very special.
. In addition to avoiding oil leakage when unfamiliar, the lower intake side also makes the smoke slightly softer.
. Its overall positioning is not very suitable for the name given to MTL, but if it is regarded as light lung suction or light suction, it does show a good sense of resolution.
. For a nebulizer with a small vent opening, I like the design of the intake adjustment ring, which allows for deeper cleaning.

There are also some hard-to-define designs:
. When you open half the air intake, there will be a larger whistling sound.
. The upper lid and the atomization bin of the fixed glass bin can have less force applied and can not be easily opened. If the manner of fixing the top lid and the upper lid can be changed into a cassette, it can be effectively solved.
. If the internal side air intake hole is added with a slope, the air flow and the pole are zigzag, and the effective range should be bundled in the middle of the coil.


LUCKY MAID e-liquid

LUCKY MAID e-liquid For Venacci Snack, Apple Mix Bulgarian Rose, Iced Flower Tea Flavor.
The blue-and-pink label with a white dropper and a clear glass bottle promotes this freshness to a higher level, with a ratio of 70% vg and 30% pg.
When smelling, the taste is light, and the sweet and astringent taste of snake fruit is unique at the entrance, but the astringency is not heavy. It can be said that it is right. Then the fragrance of the rose will bloom in the mouth. The two are combined in the mouth. The exhalation of smoke, the faint lingering smell of roses in the mouth.
Even after taking a few sips, the fruit of the snake and the rose quickly invade your taste. Not at the same time as it is cold, there is no feeling of burning and greasy, especially in your own bedroom. The smoke is filled with the smoke of the lucky housekeeper. . Whether it is smoking or smelling it will have a faint rose finish.
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Brand: MISSION Capacity: 60 ml Nicotine content: 3mg (see bottle bottom)
The pure peach flavor is coming!But it's definitely not that cheap peach drink!
No smell at all! Soft peach! The entrance has a distinct strike throat! Cooler!
The sweetness of honey peach fully manifests!The feeling is that kind of ripe cannot be in ripe, the skin all soft of that kind! Exhale with a soft floral scent!

OBS Engine Nano RTA

OBS Engine Nano RTA

Containers: Suction nozzle,
atomizing chamber with upper cover, two glass storehouses of 5.3ml,
wire stand Yellow instruction card and warning card;
Cotton, coils and spare o-rings and screws are placed in a separate carton;
One of the most ingenious aspects of Engine design is the overcover and atomizer part In addition to the upper cover and atomizing chamber, the oil injection hole and inlet hole are also set here The three inlet vents are distributed in the ring above the OBS standard
The air intake is adjusted by rotating black rubber ring The Engine Nano, though, looks like an updraft However, the air flow is imported from the upper intake port It will pass through the middle of the inner wall and the outer wall of the atomizing chamber with few gaps The smoke is then pushed out from the flue after being imported from the middle hole Therefore, it should be classified into the form of side inlet
The 510 size suction nozzle has a narrow upper and lower width shape It's good for the mouth.
The oil injection hole is hidden in a metal ring at the OBS label, which can be lifted up and down Because of the size of the hole is enough, most oil bottles can be replenished without the burden However, there is inversion or skew in use
The smoke oil may still spill a little from the opening hole Although the oil seal effect is very good under closed condition, it will not accumulate on the atomizer However, the metal ring may still be lifted and lowered when oil is replenished And the smoke oil that accumulates in it is pushed out
These two ring structures need to be mentioned in particular here It feels good to lift or rotate your hand The metal rings are also tightly closed when lifted from above to below Good enough to show the OBS The dimensions of the atomization cabinet are now painting 8mm and 15mm high In the 25mm atomizer can be said to be a small setting Although there is no obvious clustered dome inside But nearly 30mm of the airway is enough to mix and concentrate the smoke It's just a one-piece design here There are many cleaning concerns about not being able to disassemble