Do You Prefer To Mix Your Own Liquid For E Cigarette Use; Or, Buy Ready Mixed?

It would seem that nearly all aficionados of e-cigs and the like started out as confirmed tobacco smokers who had become uneasy over the almost certain information that the tobacco smoke was harmful to both them and anyone in their near vicinity. However; they were forced to admit that their smoking habit had become an addiction that (for them) was almost impossible to give up. The common belief being that it was the nicotine in the tobacco smoke that gave the pleasure and was the root cause of the addiction.

Nicotine Without Tobacco

Inhaling a vapor with a mix of flavorings; instead of smoke containing particles was the subject of a 1963 American patent application (entitled "a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette") lodged by one Herbert A. Gilbert. With his device; users could inhale a flavored steam instead of smoke. However, it was never commercialized; possibly because, at that time, there was little or no bad publicity over tobacco smoking; or, maybe because there was no nicotine in his steam mix?

Alarmed by his father’s death from heavy tobacco smoking; a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik reinvented and successfully patented an E Cigarette for producing vapor that people could inhale. However; Hon Lik included nicotine in the fluid mix used to produce the vapor. The rest, as they say, is history. Anti-smoking campaigns were at a new high, restrictions were fast coming in to both limit where (and how) tobacco products could be purchased and where they could actually be smoked. News of the new device spread rapidly over the internet and by word of mouth and the pastime of vaping was born.

What’s In The Liquid For E Cigarette Use?

There is a base fluid which can be readily vaporized – usually through heat produced from battery power. Bases include water, propylene glycol and glycerin; obviously, whatever is used must have no known health hazards. Typically, the base makes up about 95% of the total fluid mix.

Nicotine is usually added to this base in varying quantities which can go as high as 2% (20mg/mL) although some users choose to leave it out altogether. Then flavorings are added with a view to improving the taste of the vapor in a user’s mouth. Currently, more than 8,000 flavorings are known to be in use. However, coffee, menthol, vanilla and rum are amongst the most popular. Vapers may choose between ready mixed fluids or they can purchase the constituent parts and mix them to suit their own tastes.

The Enjoyment From Vaping Electronic Cigarettes Lies In The Liquid

Replacing the smoking of tobacco products with inhaling vapor produced electronically from a fluid housed in a device with a mouthpiece is a relatively recent phenomenon that grew out of the 2003 invention of a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. He had been profoundly affected by the death of his father from a tobacco smoking related disease and; while recognizing how difficult it is for a confirmed smoker to kick the habit; he sought a way for smokers to obtain satisfaction in a less dangerous manner.

Vaporized Fluid Aerosol VS Particle Laden Smoke

Since it is the nicotine produced when tobacco is burnt that makes smoking habit; Lik made a particular point of including nicotine in his search for a tobacco-less delivery system. Nicotine patches; granules and gums were being introduced to try and wean smokers away from tobacco but all of these seemed to be somewhat ineffective for many long term smokers.

Although nicotine was entering the bloodstream; such products ignored the more ritualistic aspects of tobacco smoking - things like the physical act of lighting up; the visibility of the user and a sense of sharing with others; or the joy of exhaling a cloud of smoke. Non-smokers will see all of these in a negative light but, to the smoker, they are part of the essential experience that will not be achieved through patches or gum.

However, a device; that can turn droplets of a nicotine containing fluid into an aerosol that can be sucked out of the device at a temperature cool enough for the human mouth; is following traditional smoking concepts (even if electronics has replaced the fire). That the vapor produced from an electronic cigarette’s  liquid can be rolled around the mouth for taste and/or inhaled to the lungs for constituent chemicals to enter the bloodstream and then blown out in a form that (for a while) resembles a cloud of smoke; are all aspects that emulate tobacco smoking.

Nicotine Is Not Only Addictive; It Is Also Poisonous

To vaporize neat nicotine would certainly be harmful if not fatal; therefore, care needs to be taken in the quantity of nicotine to be mixed with a base fluid before vaporization. Typically not more than 2% (20mg/mL) is used; but, many vapers cut this down and some leave out the nicotine altogether. 95% of the vaping fluid is a base such as propylene glycol and the rest is made up of various flavorings that can range from fruit through to the taste of famous brand tobacco products.

Once you have your vaporizer you will need a good selection of Electronic Cigarettes Liquid with which to experiment and select your favorite strength and taste. Fluids can also be purchased online from the same store.


Traveling with Your E-Cigarette Ensure You are Fully Prepared

No matter how you are traveling for work, for the holidays or for pleasure, taking along an e liquid cigarette is something you should consider. After all, traditional cigarettes are not banned virtually everywhere indoors, including planes, trains and other methods of public transportation. While the e liquid cigarette is accepted most places, it is still a good idea to check the rules and guidelines prior to heading out of town.

Packing Your Electronic Cigarette

Before you get in a car or on a plane, you will need to ensure you have all the necessary accessories for your e liquid cigarette. This includes the following:

  • The E-Cigarette: This is the most essential piece that you should bring along. While there may be a vape store where you are going, it is quite a hassle to have to purchase a new one just for your trip. Additionally, you may wind up getting an inferior device.
  • Batteries: It is important that you take more than a single battery. You do not want to be stuck with a dead battery and no replacement.
  • Chargers: Be sure you are able to charge the batteries. It may be a good idea to bring several different chargers along, including a wall and vehicle charger.
  • E-Liquid: If you have been using your electronic cigarette for a while, chances are you understand the amount of e-liquid you use each day. However, when you are on vacation, you may use the device even more. Be sure you bring along a big enough supply.
  • Accessories: There are certain accessories that make e smoking easier while you are traveling, including carrying cases or lanyards. Be sure you have the right accessories.

Traveling with Your E-Cigarette

After you have packed your e liquid cigarette and all the accessories that you need for your trip, you should be sure you understand whether the device is allowed on your selected method of travel.

While you can bring an electronic cigarette on a plane, you will not be allowed to use it while you are on board. When you are flying with this device, it is a good idea to disconnect your battery and place it in another bag. You also need to ensure you are following the rules regarding to traveling with liquid for your e-liquid.

Taking note of the rules and requirements for an e-cigarette will help ensure that you have a much more enjoyable travel experience.


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